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Building Work - Your Questions Answered.

A drop-in meeting for the local community was held on Tuesday 12th September

Thank you to those who attended the drop-in meeting at Dosthill on Tuesday; your continued interest in the new facilities for the benefit of the children is greatly appreciated.  We hope you liked the new building and can see the immense difference the much improved environment will make compared to the dilapidated temporary buildings that children learned in previously.


We were taken by surprise by the number of attendees and apologise that we were not all able to fit into one space due to the hall being used by the brownies and guides.  


Thank you for the questions raised; we hope the following summary offers the reassurances sought:

  • All the haul road will be removed and the area returned to its original form as per the planning conditions set by Tamworth Borough Council.
  • No temporary or permanent road will be laid and there will not be a car park installed on the Broom.  
  • The Broom Trustees are Staffordshire County Council whose charitable objects are:  A playing field and recreation ground for the use and benefit of children (including the children attending Dosthill council school) of the beneficiaries inhabitants of Dosthill and the surrounding districts or any other kindred purposes.
  • In response to concerns raised, the entrance to the Broom is being reviewed to ensure vehicular access is prevented.
  • It was a planning condition set by Sport England to install a small Under 9’s marked football pitch with a Community Use Agreement for this.  There will be no floodlights or other structures installed.  A Management Committee with members from the community will oversee the hiring of the pitch.  Due to better facilities within the local area, it is not anticipated that there will be a large demand for community use.  Where possible, the school car park will be made available.  Security will also be maintained through gates being opened and closed by academy employed personnel.  No profit is being made from the hire of the pitch, charges cover staff costs and maintenance.
  • Consideration is being given to a suitable solution to enable the grass seed to grow where the sleepers have been removed that formed the haul road.  A more detailed communication outlining exactly how the site will be left to enable the grass to establish will be circulated soon.


Please direct any future queries through the appropriate channels to avoid any false reports arising.  ISG will be on site until the 6th of October and Mr Shakeshaft, Headteacher, can be contacted via the details available on the academy website.