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Rainy Days are Forecast

"It's spitting!"

Have you seen the classic Peter Kaye 'It's spitting!' routine? We don't do that at Dosthill - a little bit of drizzle is harmless if a child has a waterproof coat on (that's also warm when the winter wind bites).

When the decision is made to abandon play, it takes time to move 500+ pupils around the building from various locations.

This is why uniform is now part of our rules:

READY =We have the right clothes and equipment for each day
RESPECTFUL =We listen when an adult is talking
RESPONSIBLE =We follow instructions first time, every time

It is reasonable to expect adults to supervise children in YR to Y3 putting coats on for rainy days at break and lunch.
It is reasonable to expect Y4 to Y6 pupils to follow instructions and take responsibility for themselves as much as it is the adults' responsibilities.

Should we get complaints re: damp children, and staff have not met their duty of care, then we will deal with it using the appropriate policies.

However, if staff can demonstrate that a clear instruction was given (and that younger children were monitored), the complainant may find their child has an incident of misbehaviour logged-as incorrect uniform now comes under that heading (see our full behaviour policy).