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Anti-Bullying Week 13-17 November 2023

Is it rude, mean, or bullying? 

By the time you read this, Halloween and Bonfire Night will be memories. We’ll have thought about and observed Remembrance in school, and our attention will be turning to Anti-bullying Week in school.

Anti-Bullying Week runs from Monday 13th November to Friday 17th November nationally. The end of the week coincides with children in need – which I always think is a positive end to the week.

On Monday 13th November, we’ll wear odd socks for Odd Socks Day as a celebration of what makes us all unique. The theme for this year is Make a Noise About Bullying.

Andy and the Odd Socks video

It is important that children learn the distinction between being mean and bullying, so that incidents can be dealt with calmly, fairly, and proportionately. Our partners, Beacon Behaviour Support for Schools helped us compile this information for parents:

Bullying is repeated, intentional physical or emotional hurting; sometimes targeted at groups because of their appearance, beliefs, race, or gender.

Being mean can be just as hurtful, but is not the same as bullying.

If you think your child is being bullied:

  • Ask open-ended questions such as: Did anything happen at school that hurt your feelings?
  • Reassure them that school has an anti-bullying policy, and all the adults in school are here to help.
  • As parents, stay calm.
  • Listen to what your child is saying without interrupting them.
  • Establish if this is bullying or being mean – it’s not okay, but it is normal for children to sometimes be unkind to each other – it needs dealing with in a slightly different way at school.
  • Contact school to ask for an appointment with the class teacher.
  • Calmly explain what your child has told you.
  • Give school time to investigate what has happened – there are two sides to every story and school will establish the facts.
  • Work together with school to ensure a positive outcome for everyone.
  • Be a great role model to your child for how to sort out problems calmly.
  • Talk generally as a family about how to show kindness to others and what to do if someone is being bullied.
  • Don’t inflame the situation by confronting the bully, or their family, or posting about it on social media – this only ever makes the problem worse for your child.
  • Watch your language about people who are different to you – model our values of tolerance, respect, and kindness.

Useful websites for help and information:

What is bullying? (

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