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Dosthill Primary Academy

Dosthill Primary Academy

New Build

Priority School Building Project and Condition Improvement Fund

During the next two years, we have a range of improvement work taking place at our school to ensure that we have a safe and inspiring learning environment for the children of Dosthill Primary Academy. We are extremely excited to see the transformation of our school; it is very exciting for our whole community and the children of Dosthill.

Three of the mobiles are being replaced (six classrooms) with a new brick built building as part of the DFE Priority School Building Programme. The mobile classrooms are extremely old which is why they have been acknowledged as a priority build; we are very much looking forward to the new build project starting this academic year (2020).

As a school, we are also very fortunate to have won a CIF (Condition Improvement Fund) grant to improve several areas around school. The Victorian roof is currently being re-tiled due to the poor condition of this which is deteriorating very rapidly. Also, the flat roof areas over the hall and kitchen are being replaced. In addition to roofing work, the funding has also been agreed in order to replace the remaining mobile next to the Children’s Centre.

Our children really deserve the safest and highest quality learning environments; the fact that we have gained funding for all of these projects via the Priority School Building Fund or Condition Improvement Fund really shows how necessary these projects are. The school environment is being enhanced for the wonderful children who really do deserve the very best learning environments in line with our vision of ‘Ensuring Excellence for All.’

Information will be updated on this page, monthly. Please also check the attachments below for more information. 

July 2020 Buildings Update

Dosthill Academy and the Fierté Trust are pleased that planning permission has been granted for the building of six classrooms on its site replacing mobile classrooms that are no longer fit for purpose.  We look forward to building work starting later this year and the classrooms being open in readiness for the 2021 academic year.  We very much appreciate the concerns of residents including those relating to the temporary haul road that will cross the Broom.  Our commitment is to work with the community and local residents to ensure the impact of building works is minimised and, as far as feasibly possible, concerns are responded to.  With this in mind, we are inviting local community groups such as the Residents' Association and others to meet with us at regular intervals.  

The Victorian roof area will also be undergoing improvement work during the next three months due to internal ceiling collapses, tile movement and leaks.

Approximate Time Frame For New Build

September – Haul Road Construction (Currently delayed)

November – Brickwork begins

January – Roofing

February – Building watertight

February – May: Internal fitting

End of May: Completion

June: Site cleared

July: Mobiles demolished and site cleared.

August 2020 Building Update.

We thought that it would be useful to share with parents/carers and residents an update regarding the new build and roofing work at our school.

The new build was expected to commence during early September however this is currently delayed due to some of the pre-commencement conditions not being fully finalised yet.  We will update everyone via the web page as soon as we know the exact dates that the project will begin; we are hopeful that everything will be in place imminently so that the exciting project can commence.

Parent, Carer and Residents meeting - August 20th 2020

Thank you to parents/carers and local residents for joining our meeting last Thursday. It was a very positive meeting to share our ambitions to work closely with the local community to ensure that the building project is delivered in a fair, mutually respectful and considered way. As a school, three of our key values are empathy, kindness and generosity and we will ensure that these are at the heart of the project. We will be working closely as a school and Trust to ensure that the construction team (Midas) follow all planning stipulations in order that the Broom and local residents are not impacted upon negatively. We really care about all aspects of the local area and our neighbours/local residents and want to work as a close community to bring about a successful project.

The minutes of the meeting are within the document section. We are really looking forward to meeting the local community regularly during the year ahead to ensure that everyone's thoughts, feelings, compliments or concerns are shared so that excellent communication leads to a smooth and successful building project.

I know that the children at our school are also very keen to ensure that the wildlife, plants, trees and landscape is disturbed as little as possible. Again, this is something that will guide our liaison with the building team so that the Broom is restored with care once the building work has been completed.